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GP20 #2002
Low nose
Built: 1974
2,000 hp
16 Cyl 567D2 engine
Turbo charged
Engine in good condition
Turbo date: Feb. 2007
Main gen: D22w/D14
Aux gen: 18KW
Air compressor: WBO water cooled
Dynamic braking
26L Air Brake

Clasp brake rigging
Traction motors: D77 D78
Extended range: Yes
Electric heaters
AAR control stand
Reverser type: magnetic – 1st generation
Contactor type: magnetic – 1st generation
Front ditch lights
Alignment control couplers
New batteries
Clean wiring
Good wheels
Gone through and load boxed
Horsepower is 2018
Gov rack 1.02
Load Reg 10 oclock
Main gen volts 920
MV 19.2
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Location: AL

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FSL13179 FSL13179 FSL13179