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Knox Kershaw KBR850 Ballast Regulator
S/N 850-087-07
Diesel Cummins 6 BTA 5.9 6 Cyl Engine
S/N 46466743
Hydraulic Tank: 60 gal (227L)
Fuel Tank: 120 gal (454 L)
24 V DC, 70 Amp (Alternator)
Air System Capacity: 13.2 CFM
Length (Basic): 36.25ft (11.015 Mts)
Length (Working): 36.25ft (11.015 Mts)
Width (Basic): 10ft7in (3.20 Mts)
Height (Basic): 11ft (3.35 Mts)
Weight: 40,000lb (17,424 Kg)
Mobile Radio Pro 5100 VHF 45 W
Price: $135,000
Location: Mexico

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