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2006 Sterling LT9513 Section Knuckle Crane Truck
New rack and new equipment

2006 Sterling LT9513
20,000lb GVWR Front Axle
46,000lb GVWR Rear Axle
Tuff Trac 46,000lb suspension
410 HP Mercedes 12.8L, Diesel Engine
232,368 miles
Eaton / Fuller RTO-16908LL Transmission
202in CT
266in Wheelbase
118in After frame
Full Air Brakes
Dual 50 Gallon Fuel Tanks
Air Conditioning
Air-ride driver’s seat
Fixed base passenger seat
Cab - White in Color

Flatbed body (22ft -2in) long x 102in wide
6in channel sides
4in cross channels 16in on centers
6in x 3in x 3/8in x 303in rec. tube long sills, Domex steel, full length back of can to end of crane
6 gussets per side are installed on the long sills and cross channels
Flatbed flooring to be 3/16in AR450 steel
Eight (four per side) removable 3in diameter tubular steel side posts 45in high. Post are spaced on approximately 54in centers. (4) ratchet strap hold-downs installed in channels (for lateral adjustment) under bed streetside
(2) access ladders with grab handles for access to flatbed one curbside and one streetside
Rear pintle hook, properly reinforced to chassis frame. Top of hitch to be located 24in above ground level. Includes lighting socket and brake pedal controller

Front bulkhead / rail rack to be constructed of 4in x 4in x ¼in wall steel tubing with outside dimensions of 102in wide x 63in high installed directly behind chassis cab. Sheet steel used to be 1/4in thick
Expanded metal window in bulkhead to match rear cab window. Rail rack saddles are comprised of (4) four 4in x 4in x ¼in wall structural steel tubing, 6in high vertical stanchions (two per side) on top of bulkhead frame. Stanchions are spaced 19” (inside dimension) for rail containment
Rail rack to be capable of hauling (6) 132lb x 39ft rails, (3) per side
Rail saddles to be protected by 2 ¾in thick rubber blocks

Rear bulkhead to be constructed of ¼in plate
Outside dimension of bulkhead to be 102in wide x 40in high

Height to be 3in lower than front rail rack in order to clear the rotation of the loader
Rack construction similar to front rack
Gusset for additional strength welded from outside of rack tube to bottom section of vertical channels

Three tool boxes mounted under body
(2) 60in x 18in x 18in
(1) 48in x 18in x 18in
Door latches to be “T” handle twist-type with locks keyed alike
Doors equipped with hold back chains
Door openings to be sealed with automotive style bulb-type weather-stripping
Compartment to be painted black

HIAB H244-3.4 CRANE:
162,510 ft-lb capacity with three hydraulic extensions to 33ft 10in
Lift Capacities:
8ft 2in – 19,180lbs
14ft 1in – 11,460lbs
19ft 8in – 8,050lbs
26ft 3in – 5,950lbs
33ft 6in – 4,630lbs
Working pressure, 4,640 psi
Height in folded position, 92in
Width in folded position, 98in
Install space required, 47in
Crane & outrigger weight, 6,700lbs
Radio remote, XS-Drive 6 function radio remote control system. Hydraulic extendable stabilizer extension beams to 23in
Stabilizer legs, manually tiltable + 50deg (29in - 55in below installation surface)
Stabilizers are controlled from a separate, 4F stabilizer valve w/manual controls

DMF model RW1630 front and 1650 rear railgear
Insulated axles with one piece wheels
Rail sweeps front and rear
Slotted links
Air brakes front with switch in cab
Front bumper mounted sight rods
Install and plumb front and rear railgear
Align and rail test

Muncie 82 Series Air shift PTO
Install tandem hydraulic pump (this pump provided for operation of loader and hirail)
50 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir mounted on curbside of chassis frame
Heavy duty oil cooler
Hydraulic return line filter to be located at reservoir

A) 5/10 gpm tool circuit
B) Hanney hose reel
½in x 50ft twin hose reel with roller guide – exits rear of body

Electronic backup alarm mounted at rear of chassis. All lighting to be recessed and conform to FMVSS 108
Amber strobe light mounted under streetside loader access ladder with lighted toggle switch in cab
Amber strobe light mounted center of head board with lighted toggle switch in cab
Two forward and two rear facing work lights mounted at loader frame and protected by access ladders with lighted toggle switch in cab

Body painted black, wood sides are not to be painted
Triangular warning reflector kit mounted in cab
3A-40BC, 5lb fire extinguisher mounted in cab
Back up alarm
Conspicuity striping
All applicable operator’s, maintenance, and parts manuals shall accompany vehicle upon delivery to unit’s destination

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FST15996 FST15996 FST15996 FST15996