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(5) 2008 Manufactured SCHÖMA CFL-180 DCL (180 kW - 25t - 900mm) Hydraulic Tunnel Locomotives
Fully overhauled by SCHÖMA late 2010
S/N 6257-6261 inclusive
Any sale of all five would also include a loco lifting cradle
Fully maintained in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines (and or the schedule set out in the attached manual) and are therefore in very good condition
They are all the same specification and are fitted as standard with the following equipment:
Engine compartment fire suppression system
600ccm air compressor
Wiggins fueling system which can be used with Eco Par Fuel
The couplers are Willison and were designed for use with Mullhauser rolling stock
The hours worked on each are as follows:
Loco 1: 6557
Loco 2: 9480
Loco 3: 7701
Loco 4: 8119
Loco 5: 6210
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Location: UK

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FSL17343 FSL17343