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Covered Hoppers For Sale

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(211) Covered Hoppers
3,280 cu ft
Commodity: Sand
Coming off Lease in January
Built: 2001
A.A.R. Mech. Desig: LO
A.A.R. Car Type Code : C112
Compartments: Two (2)
Length Over Pulling Faces: 41ft 11in
Extreme Height: 15ft 5in
Extreme Width: 10ft 8in
Truck Centers: 28ft 3in
Loading Hatches: Circular (5)
Discharge Outlets: Gravity 13in x 42in
Light Weight: 56,100lbs
Load Limit: 229,900lbs
Gross Rail Load: 286,000lbs
Trucks: 6 ½ X 12 286K Capacity
Wheels: 36” CPHT 2-Wear 6 ½ X 12 R.B.
Couplers: SBE60EE Bottom Shelf
Draft Gears: M901E High Capacity
Call for Pricing
Location: USA

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