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GP11 Locomotive
Built: 1956 EMD
Rebuilt: 1980
Horsepower: 1800
Engine: 16-567C
Main Generator: D-12/14
Auxiliary: 18kw
Control Stand: AAR
Air: 26L
Air Compressor: WBO
Traction Motors: D77 or better
Trucks: Blomberg double clasp
Wheels: 1 and 2 are 1-3/8in, 3 & 4 are 2in
Electrical locker: Good
Wiring: Good
Heating: Hot water
Alignment Couplers
223 Glazing
MU Capable
Ditch Lights
Load Regulator: New style
Cab Condition: Good, seats poor
uel Tank: 1800 Gallon
Carbody: Good condition, needs paint
All mini packs or full assemblies replaced since 11-2001 to 2-2010 except number 15
Blower & auxiliary drive replaced 4-2004
Replaced governor 9-11
Replaced coupler and draft gear on front 2-2006
Air box environmental tank equipped
Reasonably good shape
Lots of good upgrades over the years
Call for Pricing
Location: East

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