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Covered Hoppers For Sale

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(30) Covered Hoppers
5840 cu ft
268,000 LL 4 Comp
Round Top Hatches
Gravity Gates
Available for Lease or Purchase
Built: 1977
Last in grain service
Free move anywhere on NS/CP/BN
AAR Class: LO: A permanently enclosed car, other than a box car, regardless of exterior or interior shape, for handling bulk commodities, with or without insulation and provided with openings for loading through top or sides with weather-tight covers or doors. Car may be provided with one or more bottom openings for unloading, with tight fitting covers, doors, valves, or tight fitting slide or gate to prevent leakage of lading. Car may be provided with facilities for discharge of lading through openings in top or sides and may have one or more compartments. Mechanical or other means may be provided within car to expedite loading or unloading.
AAR Type: C214 Pneumatic Unloading, Permanent Roof
Plate: C
Max Gross Weight: 268000
Load Limit: 198700
Ext L/W/H: 68ft 3in / 10ft 5in / 15ft 6in
Call for Pricing
Location: Various

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