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Low Nose
Short Hood Forward
Locomotive Weight: 125-Tons
Engine Model: 16-567C
Max. Horsepower: 1800 HP
Generator/Alternator: DD12/14
Self-Aligning Couplers
Auxiliary Generator: 18KW
Air Compressor: WBO
Air Brake Type: 26L
Traction Motors: D77
Wheel Tread Thickness: 2in or better
Trucks – rebuilt in current shop program
Ditch Lights
MU Equipped
In Addition, our current shop program includes significant upgrades and rework including:
Electrical: Qualified with updates
Main Generator: Rebuilt
Traction motors: Rebuilt
Compressor: Rebuilt
Trucks: Rebuilt
Wheels: 2in or better
Aux Gen: Rebuilt
Engine: All new rings, head gaskets, etc.

Unit will be painted inside and out, customer color scheme
This unit is as close as you can get to a complete rebuild without actually paying for a rebuild
This unit will have a 1 year warranty when completed
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Location: East

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