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Ref# FSG23332

Gondola Rail Cars For Sale

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(195) Tub Gondolas
AAR Car Type: J311 Twin tubs
Interior Braces have not been removed!
Available for Sale Only
Year(s) Built: 1981/84
Cubes: 4000
Load Cap: 268cap
Length: 53ft 1in
AAR Car Type: J311 Steel
Outside Length: 53 ft 1 in
Height of Extreme: 11 ft 10 in
Extreme Width: 10 ft 8 in
Mech Design: GT
Extreme Length: 53 ft 1 in
Extreme Height: 11 ft 10 in
Inside Length: 47 ft 8 in
Inside Height: 10 ft 8 in
Inside Width: 9 ft 9 in
Weighed Empty: 1984-07-01
Tare (Empty): 58300lbs
Cubic Capacity: 4000 cu ft
Load Limit: 209700lbs
Plate Clearance: B
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Location: IL

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