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Ref# FSHC24183

Covered Hoppers For Sale

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(17) PD Covered Hoppers
AAR Car Type: C612
Available For Lease Only
Year(s) Built: 1977/1985
Cubes: 3915
Load Cap: 100 Ton
Length: 61ft 10in over couple
Car builder: North American Car
A.A.R. Mech. Desig. IO
Classification of AAR207A40W
Extreme width 10ft 4in
Extreme height 13ft 11in
Hatches circular 5 per car
Outlet system 5 pressure differential
Piped to a single unloading nozzle
Operating pressure 14.7 p.s.i.
Trucks 100ton roller bearing
Wheelsets 36in
Light weight 63100 lbs. average
Gross rail load 263k
Load limit 199900 lbs. average

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FSHC24183 FSHC24183 FSHC24183 FSHC24183 FSHC24183 FSHC24183