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2000 GMC C7500 HYRAIL Service Truck
Fleet Maintained by BNSF
3126 Caterpillar 7.2L turbo diesel 206,130 miles
Eaton 9 speed Manual Transmission with PTO powered hydraulic pump
Miller Big Blue Welder, Dual Air Pack Compressors
10/15 kva/kw Auxiliary Power Generator - 1 Phase 120volt & 3 Phase 240volt
Welding leads are run to the back of the truck and wired to Hannah Reels (manual)
Air lines run to the back of the truck, one 5GPM ReelCraft hose reel (manual) and one 10GPM Parker Schrander Bellows hose reel dual lines (hydraulic powered)
Big Blue Welder is mounted on Hydraulic Powered Deck moving both left and right to allow access to all components for maintenance and repair
LiftMoore Truck Crane 2,500 lb. 360 rotation, approximately 25ft lift
Thiemen Hydraulic Lift Gate model ST 20 (72in wide x 28in deep). Under deck stowaway
Acetylene Oxygen Tank Storage Cabinet (6ft tall inside, space for four tanks) with swing open cabinet top for tank loading and unloading with the Hydraulic Crain
Pre-plumbed with gauges in cabinet and hoses connected inside garage to hydraulic powered Parker Schrander Bellows reel about 80ft. of hose on reel
Right side access stairs to deck, left side dual under deck watertight storage boxes. On deck (72in wide x 80in deep x 82in tall) Mini Garage with locking roll down door (62in wide x 74in)
Extendable Hydraulic Outriggers mounted at rear on frame
Hyrail System in rear is 90% and mounted to the frame, Hyrail System in front has been removed but all plumping and wiring is still intact
All Hyrail Switches and Valves are as they should be and as with all the equipment on this Service Truck appears to be in excellent working condition

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FST24716 FST24716 FST24716 FST24716