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2014 Peterbilt Locomotive Service Truck
Diesel fuel tank, (3,500) U.S. gallons, DOT-406 certified
Main platform assembly, all-steel, all-welded construction
Rear platform assembly, all-steel, all-welded construction
Equipment compartment, rear, w/ aluminum roll-up door
Product tank, (200) U.S. gallons, Lubricant service
Product tank, (200) U.S. gallons, Water service
Sand hopper, pressurized, (80) cubic-feet capacity
Group: Body mounting, Diesel Fuel tank
Group: Mounting group, platform body
Storage cabinet, under-body
Group: Accessories
Group: Finish coatings, oven-baked acrylic urethane
Hydraulic system, central, open-loop
Diesel fuel system, hydraulic-powered
Hydraulic oil dispensing system, hydraulic-powered
Water dispensing system, air-powered
Air distribution system
Sand dispensing system, air-powered
Price: contact
Location: South

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FST27055 FST27055 FST27055 FST27055 FST27055