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Pullman Private Passenger Car TCRY 106
TCRY 106 is a Pullman-Standard 3-compartment 2-drawing room/Observation Lounge
Built in 1925 as Pullman Central Plains
The car, with it’s rich history, was later converted to an official car and renamed Shasta by the Sacramento General Shops on April, 5 1958 for Southern Pacific Transportation Company
On March 19, 1965 SP 106 was renamed Oregon where it would finish it’s life under Southern Pacific as the superintendents official car for the Oregon Division
The car would later have its interior and exterior overhauled and made Amtrak compliant in Livingston, MT
When it was purchased in 1998 and Renamed Big Sky
The car which is featured in James Kinkaids SP Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment Volume 3 includes a nicely decorated western themed interior
Price: $240,000 sale good until January 30, 2021
Location: Northwest US

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FSPC27161 FSPC27161 FSPC27161 FSPC27161