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Rebuilt Nordco Model M Regulator (Ballast & Snow)

Electrical system:
• All new Main harnesses and cables
• New junction boxes
• New Strobe light, work and travel
• Replace batteries
• Rebuilt or New pumps
• New KF-50 pressure filter
• Fresh hydraulic oil
• Clean and testing of oil tank
• Filter elements replaced
• Rebuilt front plow with curls
Ballast Wings
• Rebuilt Ballast Wings
• Repair wing lockup
• Rebuilt complete w/liner
Snow Wings and Blower
• New or rebuilt snow blower
• Rebuilt LH and RH reversible snow wings
Axles and Brakes
• Rebuilt axles and wheels
• Drive shaft rebuilt or replaced
• New Hyd brake system
• Axle wear pads and springs
Engine/Fuel Tanks/pneumatic
• New JD Tier III
• Clean and test fuel tank
Operator Station
• Replace all worn operator seat and controls as needed
• New Cab w/swing door and more head room
• 1-5# fire extinguisher
• Repair Stairs as needed
• New AC & Pressurizer
Main Frame:
• Sandblast frame
• Repaint per spec.
• Stencil machine - Per Customer spec.
• Machine to be shipped with 2 parts & operators manuals
• Inspect all welds and repair as needed
• Turntable reworked and cylinders rebuilt
Included Equipment:
▪ 110V Block Heater
▪ Fuel level site gauge on fuel tank
▪ Additional fuel/water separator (heated)
▪ low hyd oil/high hyd oil temp alarm
▪ brake de-icing feature
▪ perimeter lighting (360° night lighting)
▪ raised perimeter lighting on front of engine shroud
▪ 3M red/white safety striping
▪ 4" vice welded to machine
▪ locomotive headlights front & rear
▪ additional rear view mirror for reverse travel
▪ lights in engine compartment
▪ steps on broom shroud, snow wings & snow auger
▪ 16 cu. Ft. storage box mounted on deflector/blower
▪ ESPAR Airtronic 4 diesel fired cab heater
▪ 110 v hydraulic tank heater
▪ additional manual storage box

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Location: Ottawa, CAN

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