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Rail Car Movers For Sale

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2016 Shuttlewagon NVX5025
Very well maintained with recently replaced tires
Only around 4k hours
Options include:
1) Air conditioning
2) Hydraulic, Transmission, Fuel Tank, Oil Pan and Engine heaters (2 – 20-amp plugs
mounted on driver side for all)
3) Heated mirrors all around
4) Four (4) Camera system with monitor on console in cab (Standard equipment)
5) Single point lube
6) Dead Man Switch
7) Air Knife (standard equipment)
8) Operator training 2 days in classroom and operation of Shuttlewagon Highlighted features:
• 180-degree rotating console with color multifunction display.
• Dual four-way air suspension operator seats for either side on-rail operator control.
• Pull-out sander boxes with wide-mouth lids for easy loading. Air-activated sanders for smooth dispensing. Safely attach glad-hand hoses with ease; Shuttlewagon offers industry-leading space between railcar and mobile railcar mover.
• Two independent drive wheel trucks supported on rotating bearings with eight (8) 16 inch AAR profile guide wheels. ABS and traction assist provide more control while reducing maintenance cost.
• Wide-range AAR sliding couplers are air released and hydraulically positioned. Improves pulling performance in curves and grades.
• Large high-density cross-linked polyethylene (HDXLPE) 90-gallon fuel tank for extended operational capacity
• Superior Operator Comfort both on and off the track. The rubber tire drive cushions the operator from a rough ride while on rail and four-wheel drive with crab steer on road makes the Shuttlewagon easy to operate in all conditions.
• Easy engine access and component installation designed for easy access for ease in maintenance and servicing.
• Air Knife – produces 1,000 mph air burst to rail clearing track of debris and water, which improves performance in poor weather conditions.
Standard equipment includes the following:
• ABS vehicle brakes
• Anti-slip traction control(on-rail operations)
• CAN-Bus electrical system
• 90-gallon fuel tank
• 30-gallon air reservoir
• Three12-volt power receptacles in cab(Including USB port)
• Tinted cabin glass
• Door-mounted windshield wipers
• Non-slip cushioned floor mat
• Engine diagnostics adapter in console
• High-visibility power-coated handrails
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Location: Canada

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FSRM27558 FSRM27558 FSRM27558 FSRM27558