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Austin, TX 78734
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For Sale Listing #14954

RMC Portec Hurricane Jet Snow Blower  1300 gallons of jet fuel properly treated with alcohol for wintry conditions  Filters for the J-35 jet engine were changed in October as were the fuel and oil filters for the Detroit Diesel engine  Jet engine hour meter reads 21 hours  Detroit Diesel engine hours reads 475 hours  Heater  Fitted with proper lighting, radio with two headsets, two seats with seat belts for two operators  Brake chambers have been adjusted properly and have been fitted with new brake shoes  Extra brake shoes, an extra fuel filter (for the jet engine), an extra acetylene tank that is full for the ignition of the jet engine  Hydraulics work properly for propulsion and so does the jet engine for properly cleaning switches and rail lines, as evident in the video  Sound deadening device between jet engine and cab  Price includes a tutorial on how to run the jet snow blower, 4 hours of training by an experienced operator 
Price: Just Reduced to $42,500 
Location: IL