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Austin, TX 78734
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For Sale Listing #19476

Diesel locomotives TEM 2B at track 1435 mm 1990 in the presence of 12 pieces two new all on the track 1435 m  Diesel locomotives TGM 6B-TGM6A of the year 1990-1988 in stock 10 pieces all on the track 1435 m New crankshaft for diesel locomotive TEM-2 to the engine D-50 Price 25000 Euro  New crankshaft and crankcase for diesel locomotive TEM-2< Price 55000 Euro  Synchronous generator with rotor type GS 501 AU2 new Rotor synchronous traction generator GS 501 AU2 new 3pcs price 15000 Euro  Railway crane Takraf RDK 500 at the track 1435mm only 302 hours of operation in 1990 is constantly on storage in Europe Price 280000 Euro  New Austrian diesel generator jenbacher 1000 kilowatts (800 kilovolt-amperes) the price of 100000 Euros  Ship engine 735 kilowatts of storage Price 45000 Euro  Diesel generator Skoda with a ship engine 735 kilowatts new c storage Price 56000 Euro  Ship's engine 6D40 new with storage price of 56000 Euro  New Ship Generators S 450 L6 with storage 2 pcs. production Germany Price 5 Euro per kilogram stood on the ship's engines 8VD 26/20 AL-2 they were diesel generators