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2905 Ranch Road 620 North
Austin, TX 78734
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For Sale Listing #21147

Rebuilt Link-Belt 6000 Hydraulic Rail Crane  Upper Structure:  Link-Belt 6000 factory material handler with a 70’ material handling boom and stick  Magnet generator package, open/close/rotate for a rotating attachment present  Hubbell remote control system (can be used as switch engine from ground)  Rebuilt engine, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders – all with 0 hours  Entire machine will be cleaned and painted before final shipment  Carbody Structure:  Ohio DE 400 heavy-duty carbody w/ heavy-duty swing bearing mount and end plates  Standard AAR Type E-60 couplers with MK50 draft gear  Steps and hand grabs on both ends, heavy-duty center bolts  16” replaceable bolt-on center plates, large internal ballast pockets (no external ballast)  Carbody ballast supplied/installed, greased tip blocks  Truck Assemblies:  (2) Norris 125-ton, standard gauge truck assemblies with 7 x 12 AAR journal bearings  Heavy-duty, reinforced side frames, heavy-duty bolsters w/ 16” center plate pockets  Captive axles (secures axles in side frames if raised off the tracks)  33” multi-wear wheels, AAR spring load suspension, fully sealed transmission  Oil submerged bearings and gears, heavy-duty roller bearing axle mounts w/ rubber lip  Hydraulic operated disc brakes, brakes mounted/protected inside of truck assemblies  Sundstrand hydraulic, variable displacement travel motors  Sunsource hydraulic travel valves, rail crane hydraulic swivel post  Disengaging slide gear for towing and assembly 
Price: $380,000 
Location: OH