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2905 Ranch Road 620 North
Austin, TX 78734
512-263-1953 Phone
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For Sale Listing #21732

40in Railcar / Stock Pile Elevator  Elevator Includes:  LED Flood Lighting  4 Inch High Drive Over Pan Section  Detachable Drive Over Ramps  40 Inch Wide 200 PVC Belt  Hydraulic Pan Doors to Create a Hopper  115 HP, 4 Cylinder Tier 4 Diesel Engine  High Capacity Hydraulic Oil Cooler  Pump, Valves, & Filter System  Hydraulic Head Pulley Motor  16 Foot Discharge Height (Optional)  14 Foot - 6 Inches To Bottom of Head Pulley Roller  39 Foot Incline Section  Axle, Wheels & Tires for Transport   Primary Options:  Hydraulic Controlled Discharge Hood  Side Drive (Dual Wheel)  Self-Propelled  Adjustable Rear Axle  Stainless Steel Option for Corrosive Products   Accessory Options:  Discharge Hood w/ 16in Spout for Pothole openings  Adjustable, Detachable Hopper (use with End Dumps)  Covered Conveyor  Hydraulic Controls for Vibrator  Traffic Lights for Towing  Dust Collector 4,000+ CFM  Security Package  Cat Walk (Requires Covered Conveyor)  Cold Start  Belt Scales  Removable Towing Hitch, Male, with 1in Hole  Railcar Door Opener  Trailer Door Opener  Loader Hopper, (Must be removed with Forklift)  Contact for Pricing 
Location: Midwest