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2905 Ranch Road 620 North
Austin, TX 78734
512-263-1953 Phone
512-263-9799 Fax

For Sale Listing #22538

GP20E  2000 HP roots-blown  Built: 1962  Rebuilt: 1974 (645 Power Assemblies, De-turbo’d)  Prime Mover: 16-645D1  Main Generator: D22BT  Air System: 26L  Alignment Control Couplers  2in + Wheels, Excellent Condition  Excellent Cabling and Much New Wiring  Dynamic Brake Disconnected/Removed  Blue Carded with 3 Years Remaining on Air  Ditch lights are present and functional  Traction motor cabling/insulation is in excellent condition  #3 traction motor was replaced within the last couple years  Generator commutator looks good and has new brushes  The majority of the HVC wiring is in excellent shape and of a fairly new vintage  The voltage regulator appears to have been recently replaced  Both exhaust stacks are equipped with spark arrestors  Call for Pricing 
Location: AR