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2905 Ranch Road 620 North
Austin, TX 78734
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For Sale Listing #25417

(Photos are Representative)  (4) SD 40-2s  EMD 645E3 16 cylinder  Bore & Stroke: 9.02in X 10in  RPM (Maximum / Minimum): 904 / 318  Main Generator: AR10  Horsepower: 3000  Gear Ratio: 62:15  Speed: 65 mph  Trucks: HTC 6-Wheel  Configuration: C-C  Traction Motor Blowers: Electrical Drive (4)  Model: D77  Weight: 368,000 lbs  Traction Motors: Six  Tractive Effort (starting) 115,000 lbs @31.5%  Tractive Effort (continuous): 82,100 lbs @ 11 mph  Multiple Unit Capability: Yes  Dynamic Braking: Yes  Auxiliary Generator: Delco A8102  Alternator: GMD14  Air Brake: Westinghouse  Model: 26L Compressor: Gardner-Denver  Model: WBO  Quantity Built: 3957  Dates: 1/1972 to 2/1986  Total Length: 68ft 10in  Wheel Diameter: 40in  Truck Wheel Base: 13ft 7in  Height to Top Engine Hood: 15ft 1.2in  Height to Top Cab: 14ft 8.7in  Cab Width: 10ft  Engine Hood Width: 7ft  Distance between truck centers: 40ft  Locomotive Wheel Base 53ft 7in  Minimum Turning Radius: 30 degrees  Fuel Oil: 3200  Lubricating Oil: 395  Engine Cooling Water: 275  Sand Capacity: 56 cu ft  Can fully qualify these units and place them in running condition, free of defects within 45 days of a signed order, perhaps two of them within 30 days  This would include a full load test prior and at the end of work 
Location: SC